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1/ 6 /2015

Finally we have some tips for you to improve your sailing and boats.
"Flat is fast:

This section will be broken up into two parts skills and construction tips. To start off you will notice that most of the tips are just links to other sites. Enjoy!!!


What I have done is surf the web to find some great sites. Most of the sites are managed by other classes but the same rules apply to the heron:
Page Made by the NSW heron association to further extent the heron handbook
Page made by a scout group and it has animated pictures on how to tie knots
Site that gives you some useful tips on how to sail. The tips are for other types of boats but you can apply them to heron racing.
This guy is a great sailor and writes articles in Australian Sailing all the time he also sells training books which would be good to get.
the tips on the page are for much bigger boats but it is all about tell tails and the same theory applies to smaller boats like the heron (and they cost a lot less)
wow this one is great, if you are a learner you'll find this stuff overwhelming but it is an interesting read.
Some information on how to prepare you mind Goal setting.
Is at the same site as the one above but gives you some idea on how to improve your speed this is made by the uk dinghy association.
I haven't read the site but it is like the guy has put a book on the web and it touches quite a few subjects.


Side Buoyancy for Plywood Herons: This is an old article which tells you how to fit side tanks in. When it was written you could only have a half height front tank, now that is changed. If you have an old boat and you want to put in side tanks just leave the front tank there it makes the whole process so much easier.

The reason why people prefer side tanks is that it get less water in it and keeps the water more towards the middle of the boat as apposed to front and back buoyancy boats after a capsize. Some might say that all you have to do you is stop capsizing and the problem is solved, well you could do that.

Home > Tips

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