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Notice: June 30th 2018

This site is to be 'retired" once we have a new fully operational site:

Here is the new SA website URL

It is set up with just one page at the moment but will be expanded as required.

The Heron 'an affordable way of getting into sailing and staying'

The Heron is a small dinghy that offers unrivalled family pleasure. First sailed in Australia in the late 1950s, the Heron has introduced 1000's upon 1000's of people to sailing (at last count, over 4,600).
The Heron is ideal for learning and cruising, but the fleet also boasts close and competitive racing amongst some of Australia's top sailors.
For more information about the Heron,(Heron sailing dinghy, buy, sell) explore this site via the menu on the left or email:

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Update ..30th June 2018 update :

Check out our Facebook Page which will remain:
South Australian Heron Sailing Association"

It too has a fantastic following
Also even if this 'front page' doesn't get updated check out boats 'For Sale'



This site is being 'retired" :

Here is the new SA website URL

It is set up with just one page at the moment but will be expanded as required.

If your require any further information, contact
Richard Gibson
10232 Flaw Show
on mobile 0412 974 327


It is the time to BUY! and it appears thats an understatement : They have moved very quickly ! MORE wanted,

Watch and grab one quickly and get into the season !
(And some great sailing!)

Also check out the NEW "Wanted ads.!

Have you got a Sth Aust Heron story or event to share

- Hi, do you know of someone who would like to get into Heron Sailing and have their children taught by experienced Skippers!

Please advise your interest message "SA Heron crew"RichardHERE

For further information/conditions, please contact the Association on if you are interested in the coming seasons. .


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